SE5006-4PM 5 ports 10/100M PoE ethernet switch


Support for Vlan :1-4 POE port will not communicate with each other, POE port only communicate with uplink port.It will control the Net storm, protect the information security.

Transmission :1-4 port can be 100meters with 100mbps or 200meters with 10mbps. Uplink port will be 100meters with 100mbps.

Conforms to IEEE802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at

Provides 5 10/100Base-TX ports

Provides 4 PoE injector and 60W power adapter High back-plane bandwidth 1.2Gbps IEEE802.3x Flow control

4 ports PoE Ethernet Switch is a security surveillance Ethernet Switch which aims at Ethernet high definit surveillance and Ethernet project security system  The product fully combines  the characteristics of security surveillance, provides fast packet forwarding ability and abundant backplane bandwidth,  which  ensures  clear  image  and  fuent  transmission.  The product supports  one  key  model,  can  achieve  VLAN,  control  the  Net  storm, protect the information security, prevent the viral transmission and Ethernet attack, fully satisfy the Ethernet video security surveillance system and Ethernet project needs.


Power Power Supply External Power Adaptor
Voltage Range DC48V~56V
Consumption <3W


Speed 1-4 Port:10/100Mbps Uplink:100Mbps

Transmission Distance

1-4port 100Meters with 100Mpbs 200Meters with 10Mbps Uplink:100Meter with 100Mpbs


Network Switch

Ethenet Standard IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3af/at
Switching capacity 1.2G

Transfer Rate

14,880 pps for 10Mbps 148,800 pps for 100Mbps
MACAddress 1K MAC address table
Function On The vlan and 200meters is start to work


On Green The port is connectin.g
Blinks The port is receiving or transmitting data.
Off The port is not linked successfully with the de. vice


On Orange PD is connected
Off No PD is connected or power forwarding fails
Working Environment Working Temperature 0~40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Humidity Non condesing 0~85 %
Mechanical Dimension 102mm×75x22mm
Color Gray

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