CSE1230-D18 output 12V30A CCTV power box with UL

  • UL listed   UL 2044
  • Class 2 PTC uotput Protection for each port
  • Individual status LED indicator for each output
  • DC outputs are regulated and fitered
  • Shor circuit, thermal ouerload ,over current protection
  • Application:CCTV camera,PTZ ,IR llluminators, Video process, Access control, etc
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Thermal Cutoffs Protection (TCO): each output has independent PTC fuse and LED indicator, when

problem occurs, only affect the independent output, other outputs still working.
Short circuit protection: when short condition occurs, independent PTC fuse will open the circuit, when

condition removed, PTC fuse will automatically back to close.
High voltage protection: when high voltage occurs, the surge protection will be hit through to protect

the connected device.
Over Current protection: when over current occurs, the power supply will automatically switch to self-protection status, when condition removed, then switch back to normal.

Model No. CSE1225-D9 CSE1225-D18 CSE1230-D9 CSE1230-D18
Input 110/220V AC 50/60Hz 5A 110/220V AC 50/60Hz 5A 110/220V AC 50/60Hz 5A 110/220V AC 50/60Hz 5A
Output DC12V25A DC12V25A DC 12V30A DC 12V30A
Current per(Option) 9*2.7A 18*1.39A 9*3.33A 18*1.67A
Protect Type PTC PTC PTC PTC
Safety standard UL cUL CE UL cUL CE UL cUL CE UL cUL CE
Case Type Metal Metal Metal Metal
Color Type White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black
Accessory(largess) AC Cable AC Cable AC Cable AC Cable
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years

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